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Closing Time on the Evening Train

I took a different train home last night, and had a conductor that I’ve sworn multiple times has been nipping at the potent potables before donning the powder blue jersey. My suspicions were confirmed as he made his way up … Continue reading

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Conductor Bobby’s Gruesome Hat Trick

Employees of the railroad average three on the job fatalities, as in, people killed by trains, in their careers. Conductor Bobby had his third last week, and had to get off the train and search for the body. He writes: … Continue reading

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Overheard on the 8:16 This Morning…

A commuter play in one very short act. Conductor 1: Hey, Conductor 2, did you see an old guy bolting through the train a few minutes ago? Conductor 2: No. Conductor 1: Yeah, he was trying to bamboozle me out … Continue reading

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Clearly Not The Quiet Car

It was my first train ride home in four days, seeing as I’d taken Monday off and had a relaxing weekend out of town. I just wanted a nice, relatively quiet ride. We entered the rust-bucket [TIME OF TRAIN REDACTED … Continue reading

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Misconduct in Conductor Booth

OK, I’ve been slacking on the old–almost six year old!–blog this week, and for that, I am sorry. Busy week. Worked from home a day. Blah blah blah. Anyway, the always refreshing musings of Conductor Bobby more than fill the … Continue reading

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Men in Blue Feeling Blue

Good to see Bobby McD putting (cyber) pen to (cyber) paper once again and posting on his excellent “Bobby Derailed” conductor blog. It was a blue moon last week, notes Bobby, and the passengers on the New Haven Line┬áresponded in … Continue reading

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Metro-North To Test Digital Tickets

Metro-North will begin testing paperless tickets this summer with a smartphone app that will allow riders to buy, and show, digital tickets. This would mean, at least in theory, no more monthly passes left on the kitchen counter–or jammed up … Continue reading

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Connecticut Man Decked on New Haven Line Train, Twice

The season finale of Mad Men offered up something that everyone can agree is fun to watch: weasely Pete Campbell, getting his lights punched out. It was minor solace, I’m sure, but at least Lane Pryce exited this world knowing … Continue reading

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Conducting Himself in a Pleasant Manner

Nice feature in NY Times on a Metro-North conductor who makes everyone’s, or at least most people’s, commutes a tiny bit brighter. The conductor is Timothy Curley. Writes the Times: You can travel the 82 miles fromGrand Central Terminalto the … Continue reading

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LIRR To Eliminate ‘Drunk Train’

Blame it on How I Met Your Mother–Long Island’s beloved “drunk train” will soon ride no more. Following a pair of incidents involved wasted riders striking Long Island Railroad conductors in the wee hours, not to mention a recent episode … Continue reading

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