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Where are the New M8 Cars?

The elusive M8 Every time I get bummed out about commuting–usually for about 48 minutes in the morning five days a week, then again in the evening for about 42 minutes–I thank my lucky stars I don’t ride the New … Continue reading

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Your Train is (Much) Later Than You Think

We here at Trainjotting have been harping on this for years: the railroad’s “on-time performance” is a very misleading figure. Metro-North touts an “on-time” percentage in its monthly Mileposts mouthpiece that’s about as high as the temps this past weekend–the Harlem … Continue reading

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Train Floor Treated to Tasty Iced Coffee

The guilty guy’s feet appear at the top of the frame I witnessed my second major iced-coffee spill of the past week on the 8:16 this morning. Earlier in the week, it was the train home, and the spiller gamely … Continue reading

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Pedal to the Mettle

I was chatting with Saugatucker about the merits of biking to the train recently. Sure, it’s a few minutes of misery on those 20 degree mornings. But we agreed there’s something about driving to the train that just feels like … Continue reading

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Rough Riding on the Rails

Halloween. The season of ghosts, goblins, children dressed as CC Sabathia, and other scary things. It’s also the season of the dreaded slippery rail–the oily leaf residue that sticks on train tracks in the northeast and causes all sorts of … Continue reading

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Turtle Terrors Tie Up Transit

First it was the mating turtles causing delays at JFK, and now it’s those pesky shelled reptiles clogging up the Metro-North train tracks. Yes, the new Mileposts, your source of monthly breaking Metro-North news, reports that a large number of … Continue reading

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How Many Runs is a Touchdown Worth?

I tend to like the “Courtesy Corner” in each monthly edition of Metro-North mouthpiece Mileposts. Courtesy Corner offers suggestions for being a good train rider, as in, keep your cellphone calls quiet and keep your f***ing feet off the seat. … Continue reading

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‘Broken Tracks’ Slow Harlem Line Commute

We knew something was up just after we left White Plains at 8:28 this morning, the train positively crawling along as it quixotically (Editor’s Note: First time “quixotically” has ever appeared on Trainjotting) crawled toward the city. We limped through Hartsdale … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday 2 Us!

A paper cup of champagne and hazelnut coffee never tasted so sweet. Why the early a.m. potable? Trainjotting turns 2 today! Yes, it was exactly 730 days ago that we gingerly stepped into the blogosphere and posted a few thousand … Continue reading

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The Man Behind ‘Mileposts’

Admit it. You see Mileposts, the Metro-North news rag you find on your seat each month, and you leaf through it. You check to see how your train line stacked up the previous month against the other two. You pump … Continue reading

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