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Report: Metro-North Too Mute On ‘Calm-Mute’ Program

Metro-North has not done enough to spread word of its quiet car program, reports the Journal News, leading to disputes between riders over behavior in the so called quiet car. Writes Theresa Juva-Brown: Linda Roman, 55, an editor who lives … Continue reading

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MTA Wants Your GCT Memorabilia

Metro-North is seeking old train memorabilia for an exhibition commemorating Grand Central’s 100th anniversary, reports Teen Stabbed in Yonkers Mugging the Journal News. “We know that railroad fans and history buffs have some unique collections that may have had interesting … Continue reading

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Ridership Dip Means MNR Budget Shortfall

With Metro-North ridership down 2.8% from the same point last year, the Journal News says the railroad is facing an unforeseen revenue shortage–on top of the $1.8 billion deficit it’s already staring at. Its core customers thinned due to commuters … Continue reading

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Walkway Debris in New Roc Knocks Out Trains

Service was suspended on the New Haven Line this afternoon when some debris on the pedestrian overpass at New Rochelle station was blown about by those brutal winds. The flotsam crashed into a train around noon, reports the Journal News, … Continue reading

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Hour Delays on Hudson Line

Switching problems are causing major delays on the Hudson Line, reports the Journal News. The trains are held up as much as an hour each way. Trains were always receiving signals, [spokesperson Dan] Brucker said, but had to stop when … Continue reading

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Blue Wall at 125th

If you thought you saw a substantial show of force at the 125th Street stop this morning, you did indeed: the NYPD was massed to show potential terrorists they’ve got the turf covered, reports Yonkers Man Mugged…I mean, the Journal … Continue reading

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Bike Rack Suddenly Hottest Thing in Hummerville

We recently mentioned the new hotspot in Grand Central, and it appears Hawthorne train station has its very own hotspot too–the bike rack that TJ had sole us for for the past year. Not only was the black Vespa–heretofore known … Continue reading

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Commuters: Take Your $4.40 Gas and Shove It

Metro-North ridership is up almost 5%, reports the Journal News, as more and more would-be motorists are turning to the rails to escape the crippling cost of driving to work. Ridership on the railroad has increased almost every year of … Continue reading

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How to Get From Rockland to Rye

Our terrific newspaper lady Dolores L. came through for us again, delivering the Journal News, which we do not subscribe to, and failing to deliver the New York Times, which we do subscribe to. So if you’re curious about how … Continue reading

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A Peek at Metro-North’s Yankee Stadium Stop

A far cry from the saddest little ballfield in New York is the rebuilt Yankee Stadium, and the Journal News offers a peek at the $91 million Metro-North station stop that’s being built across from the Stadium. The station platform … Continue reading

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