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The Limping Conductor and the LIRR Disability Scam

I was on the 6:33 heading toward Hummerville last night. Our ticket-taker had the typical Metro-North conductor’s Irish-by-way-of-Brooklyn mug. He also had a pronounced limp–the sort of lurching gait associated with some sort of fairly serious ailment. I don’t know … Continue reading

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LIRR-DISABILITY SCANDAL: Rethinking ‘I’ve Been Working on the Railroad’

A very special dedication to every not-that-disabled former LIRR employee who’s enjoying a nice round of golf on a pleasant fall day as the rest of us working stiffs work.   I’ve Been Shirking on the Railroad I’ve been shirking … Continue reading

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LIRR-DISABILITY SCANDAL: One Metro-North Conductor’s Take

I chatted up the friendly conductor on the ride out of Hummerville today, asked him if he’d been following the LIRR-disability scandal. He had. He said his LIRR cousins had a pretty plum deal. “Looks like I picked the wrong … Continue reading

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SPECIAL SUNDAY EDITION: NY Times Puts LIRR’s Balls in a Vise, Tightens

If you ride the Long Island Railroad or Metro-North, or in any way pay taxes in America, spend the next 20 minutes reading this because some fat Long Island golf guys are stealing your money. The NY Times has flat-out … Continue reading

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