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Everyone’s a Critic!

The New Haven Line has no shortage of critics. Including this aspiring film pundit, whose handiwork our Connecti-spondent “Saugatucker” found in a stack on his ride home to Westport recently. Adds Saugatucker: “ThenĀ theĀ  guy seated across from me just pulled … Continue reading

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New Nosh For New Canaan Commuters

We don’t know much about commuting in and out of Connecticut, except that Westport commuters tend to have their station skipped now and then, and our pal ConnecticEnergy sure seems to encounter some boneheaded riders out of Stamford. But we … Continue reading

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Westport Voted Least Favorite Stop by Metro-North Conductors

You’ve heard of flyover states–that casually arrogant name we coastal types have given those heartland states starting with I’s and O’s. Apparently there’s a flyover town in our region as well, as Westport–once again–was bypassed by a Metro-North train full … Continue reading

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Train Skips Stop, Riders Irate

It’s really the last thing you want to deal with when you board a train at 8 p.m., have a long ride ahead of you, and just want to get home. Yet some Westporters were displeased, to say the least, … Continue reading

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How to Train Your Dragonfly

Our Connecticut correspondent Saugatucker mentions a most unlikely rider on the 6:29 p.m. New Haven Line train Friday: a giant dragonfly. Saugatucker says the New Haven Line suits broke from their usual cocoons to work together in removing the dragonfly … Continue reading

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Flat Feet Plague M8 Fleet?

Sounds as though Metro-North’s new M8 cars are having almost as much trouble as the Trainjotting blog (my most recent shutdown late last week appears to be the work of an automated web hacker that zaps sites which have not … Continue reading

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Westport Bridge Eases Conn Commute

Our Nutmeg State correspondent Saugatucker is walking with a little extra spring in his step this morning, as a new bridge out in Westport has been completed–thus shaving .7 miles off Saugatucker’s daily bike ride to the station. Saugatucker is … Continue reading

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