Misconduct in Conductor Booth

OK, I’ve been slacking on the old–almost six year old!–blog this week, and for that, I am sorry.

Busy week. Worked from home a day. Blah blah blah.

Anyway, the always refreshing musings of Conductor Bobby more than fill the commuter content breach in my slacker absence. In his latest post, and I am very pleased to see him putting (cyber) pen to (cyber) paper again, he dishes on some mighty lost Yankee fans, serious iClods, and how conductors handle those sticky predicaments when they don’t have time to make it to the bathroom.

I’m sure the MTA will be psyched about that one.

Since we’re feeling a bit blue about the coronation of the new AL East champs, we share his take on the wayward Yankee fans.

I had two drunk Yankee fans returning home from the stadium last night.  I noticed that their tickets were emblazoned “Yankee Stadium E 153rd / Brewster“…as in Brewster, New York.   “Gentleman,” I said, “We have a problem here.  Stamford, CONNECTICUT is the next stop for this train.”  The younger of the two drunks looked up at me with one eye open and said “Bullshiiiiit!!!” His friend agreed, and he deemed me “full of shit.” Obviously they thought I was playing with them.  “No…Really!” I said… and then I thought; Why am I arguing with these drunk idiots?  Normally I try to accommodate my wayward passengers and see if I can possibly get them off on the nearest platform, but there was something about the way the younger drunk said “Bullshiiiiit!” that annoyed me.  I guess they finally believed me when we pulled into Stamford Station, as evidenced by the pounding they gave the garbage cans on the platform.

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