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Metro-North Explains “Slippery Rail” on YouTube

If you’ve ever had trouble explaining to friends and loved ones why your train is frequently late, or short a number of cars, this time of year, here’s a handy two-minute video explaining the scourge of Slippery-Rail Syndrome, or, as … Continue reading

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If It’s Hailing, Then I’m Hailing

Twice in the past three days, I thought I could get to my NYC destination from the northern ‘burbs without the aid of a car. Twice, I was foiled. The Missus took Little G and Little Miss C away for … Continue reading

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A Brief History of the Tree Across From the Train Station, In Pictures

October 29, 2010. AKA “today.” October 29, 2009 October 29, 2008

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An Open Letter To:

Trainjotting. I know, I know, it’s been several days since I’ve posted. I apologize. You’re mad, I know. Yes, there is that other blog. It’s late-model and attractive, I know, and commands a lot of attention. I know from experience … Continue reading

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Not Many Tales From the Rails

I figure I’m about due for a good freakish train experience. Seriously, it’s been some time since I’ve had a good eyewitness incident to blog about: a rider-conductor tiff, a rider-rider spat, snakes on a train, whatever it might be. … Continue reading

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Slippery Rail Syndrome Strikes Subways

Outer-borough folks are learning what Metro-North riders have long known: Fallen leaves can severely foul up your commute. The MTA has posted signs on subway lines that go outside, reports the New York Times, warning riders to expect leaf-fueled delays. … Continue reading

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Mystery Kid Rides Again

The kid bike was on the rack at Hawthorne again this morning. It’s a tiny little dirt bike, with a lock so flimsy that I was surprised did not pop open in this morning’s sharp winds. It looks like it’s … Continue reading

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JerseyJim Says Leaves are Blowin’ in the Wind

With the big Nor’easter coming our way, SLIPPERY RAIL CONDITIONS are likely to hit New Jersey as soon as tomorrow.  I missed my usual NY train, and had to sprint to catch the 7:43 train to Hoboken., where I found … Continue reading

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Rough Riding on the Rails

Halloween. The season of ghosts, goblins, children dressed as CC Sabathia, and other scary things. It’s also the season of the dreaded slippery rail–the oily leaf residue that sticks on train tracks in the northeast and causes all sorts of … Continue reading

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What ‘Rudolph’ Has to Do With Slippery Rail

Little G thoroughly enjoyed the first 40 minutes of holiday clay-mation classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer last night, and was particularly intrigued by the Island of Misfit Toys. He couldn’t comprehend why a child would refuse an elephant with spots, … Continue reading

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