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Guest Post From Down Under

Since New York is stuck in the middle of a Frankenstorm that has put our famed transit system on ice for the foreseeable future, we feature a guest post from a happier place–Perth, Australia. Please welcome special guest blogger Whitney … Continue reading

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The Trainjotting Reader: RUSSELL WILEY IS OUT TO LUNCH

Today’s book excerpt comes from Russell Wiley is Out to Lunch, a workplace satire novel about a guy working at a fictional dying newspaper called the Daily Business Chronicle. It’s written by Richard Hine, a Brit and a veteran of the Wall … Continue reading

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F Train’s Next Stop: 1930

F train riders were treated to a surprise over the weekend. No, not a car bereft of loud, annoying teens acting like deep-sea fishermen during heir last day on land. Instead of the usual sleek, silver train, a “an ancient-looking, … Continue reading

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Straphanger Joe: Announces Sexual Misconduct

I heard it yesterday and then again today. It could be I’ve missed it before while in a straphanger fog. But two days in a row means it’s probably real and not an illusion. Yesterday I was on the F … Continue reading

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Straphanger Joe: Looking for the Obvious

There’s a poster in front of me showing two guns, one red the other black with the caption, Which is real and which is a toy? above it. These public service ads have been out since since December but every time I … Continue reading

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Asperger’s Kid Spends 11 Days Hiding in Subway System

There’s a heartbreaking Page 1 story in today’s NY Times about a 13 year old boy who, fearing a scolding at his Bensonhurst home, ran away and spent the next 11 days riding the rails. Francisco “Franky” Hernandez Jr. eluded … Continue reading

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Straphanger Joe Stuck on Auto-Pilot

Blade Runner   I’ve been driving a lot this week – three days into Manhattan instead of the subway. My son goes to school on Long Island and this week my wife was working in Manhattan so… I got to … Continue reading

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Straphanger Joe Harnesses the Power of Ganga

Ganga Power   It’s 7:34 a.m. and I just got on the F-train at Roosevelt and 74th. It’s the old orange and tan seater.   I take pole position just inside the door. A few people have to flow around … Continue reading

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Straphanger Joe is One Sheet to the Wind

Subway Surreal    F-train. Friday Afternoon. Rockefeller Center stop.    Ninety-two degrees outside. Seventy-eight degrees inside the car. Air conditioner blowing.    Cool air from the vent blows down on me, standing in the car, in front of the doors. My … Continue reading

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Straphanger Joe’s Brain Turns to Mush

iPhone, iGame, iSubway   What caught me first was the name of the software company – Goorusoft.   It couldn’t have been the wanton violence, mayhem from the shooting cannons, the sensation of rolling waves, or the sound of wood … Continue reading

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