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Yellow Fever in Mount Pleasant

There’s a meeting tonight, at Westlake High School library, regarding the use of school buses in the Mt Pleasant district. Faced with strict budget limitations, and residents’ perpetual concerns about raised taxes, the district is kicking around the idea of … Continue reading

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Less Black, More Blue

It is as if they’ve finally torn down the scaffolding that cast a dark shadow over your apartment or your office building. Sun. Sky. Hope. When you leave work today, you will see a fading blue sky as the sun … Continue reading

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A Hitch-Biker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Four for four, folks. Yes, four times in the past two weeks, with rain in the air, on the ground, and in the forecast, I set out on foot for Hawthorne station. And four times, I was picked up by … Continue reading

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Each day this week, to commemorate our fifth birthday, Trainjotting is publishing memorable posts from the past, grouped under a specific Seven Deadly Sin. Today’s sinĀ is Lust. This post ran in August 2008, written by then “Foot It” columnist Tim … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation

As I noted here the other day, all this rain/snow/sleet/wintry-mix-in-spring lets me see my little town as a pedestrian, instead of zooming to the train on my bike. There are not many pedestrians around town. Typically they are Hispanic males … Continue reading

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Things We Found While Walking Home From the Train

These rainy/snowy days provide us with the pleasure of walking to and from the train station, instead of our usual two-wheeled (two-tired? too tired?) approach. Late last week, I spied a compelling sight off the side of the road going … Continue reading

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The Rainbow Connection

I was walking home Friday, and the rain–the heavy, drenching, flooding rain–had finally stopped for the first time in days. I saw a swath of blue poking through a still-angry gray sky to the west. As I conquered Heartbreak Hill … Continue reading

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