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Commuter Courtroom Can Be Appeal-ing

It was late last week. The Yankees were, at least clinically speaking, still alive. I was Walking the Plank, in search of an aisle seat of some sort, after a few days of being forced to stand on the p.m. … Continue reading

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‘Grilled’ Frog Legs For Breakfast

Spotted on Park Ave South and 37th Street this morning.

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The Fire Down Below

I was hoofing it down Park Ave South this morning, in between 30th and 31st. A glow from down below caught my eye–a fire in the 4-5-6 train cigarette butt wasteland 15 feet below. I called 911 from a pay … Continue reading

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I was strolling down Park Avenue South from Grand Central, admiring the brilliant symbol of spring in the road’s center meridian: the pink and white (cherry?) blossoms that seemed to bud the very┬ásecond spring officially arrived. I approached the corner … Continue reading

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More Lamb Than Lion

Forget St. Patty’s–March 12 should be the day we line the streets, cheer the pipers, and drink oddly colored beer until we too become oddly colored. That’s the first day back at work after Daylight Savings Time does its blessed … Continue reading

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Looks Like Rain

So what is that strange precip that fell today, and other days, on Park Avenue South and 41st Street? I’ve felt it before, a gentle rain on a day when there is no rain, tumbling from above between 40th and … Continue reading

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Pulp Friction

It’s been a fairly eventful few days in the typically fairly uneventful world of commuting. I was on the 5:46 out of Gotham Tuesday eve, an extraordinarily packed train making the return to commuting after a 12 day break even … Continue reading

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Bark the Herald Angels Sing!

Seen en route to work yesterday, Park Avenue South and 31st Street.

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Tunnel Boring Machine Condemned to Life in Hell

The infamous “cutter” tunnel-boring machine has nearly reached the end of its mission, and will be rewarded for its hard slog by being entombed under Park Avenue South for, conceivably, eternity. The 200-ton drill, which will bring New Jersey Transit … Continue reading

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Bright Sun, Hot City

You are walking north on Park Avenue South, after a day of work at the magazine, toward Grand Central. It is 93 degrees in the shade, and there is no shade, as it’s Manhattan. All you can think about is … Continue reading

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