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Sun Shines After Snow Day. Metro-North Does Not.

It was Friday. Thursday had been the snowstorm. I’d worked from home–no way I was banking on Metro-North getting me to Gotham in a timely fashion when I could simply spark up the home computer and work from what we … Continue reading

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If It’s Hailing, Then I’m Hailing

Twice in the past three days, I thought I could get to my NYC destination from the northern ‘burbs without the aid of a car. Twice, I was foiled. The Missus took Little G and Little Miss C away for … Continue reading

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The Day the Train (Almost) Missed Hawthorne

OK, Hawthorne is tiny. Blink, and you’d misss our “downtown.” A few delis, pizza, a few honky tonks where you might catch a set from “Westchester’s best classic rock band,” or the curiously titled “Lords of Hawthorne.”  Yet that’s no reason … Continue reading

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Hawthorne Gets Own Show

It’s been quite a few weeks for the little hamlet of Hawthorne–first, there were signs for a new wine shop in its tiny downtown, and then the cable channel TNT announced it was setting a new drama in the burg–and … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To:

The man reading Coaching Baseball For Dummies on the train last night. First of all, best of luck in what surely sounds like your rookie season as a Little League manager. You’re a young man of about 35, brown hair, … Continue reading

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For Whom the Bel Tolls

A sad sight greeted me at the Hummerville station this morning, a sight that’s probably popping up near stations all over the area. The Italian restaurant Bel Paese, located directly across the street from the station, had a huge For … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To:

The House With the McCain-Palin Sign That I Passed En Route to the Train Today. You’re a smallish white house on a decent corner lot on the corner of Memorial Drive and Atlantic. You’re essentially non-descript, except for the blue … Continue reading

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