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Trainjotting Back From the Dead!?!

Just over a year since my host, Lunar Pages, shut down the site due to “malicious scripts” in the back end, Trainjotting appears to be back on the rails. Wow.  

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When Fares Were Fair

With our elected leaders seeing fit to expand the amount of pay we can deduct for transit expenses, I was poking around the Metro-North site, finding out precisely how much I cough up for my monthly ticket. Well, that apparently depends … Continue reading

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Beer Me, Elmo

Snapped on the 8:40 this morning. Please send your best caption. Winner gets a copy of my New York Commuter’s Glossary.

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Rate Hikes Proposed

Under a new MTA proposal, Metro-North rates would go up 8-9%. In other words, figure out 10% of your monthly pass, add that to your total, and subtract a few bucks. LoHud’s Commuter Life blog does the math: A monthly … Continue reading

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Metro-North Adding 79 Trains a Week

The MTA, not nearly as broke as it has been in years past, is adding 79 trains a week when the new fall timetables come out October 14. The trains are primarily added to off-peak and weekend routes, which means … Continue reading

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Cheery Conductors, Decompressing Riders…What Year Is This?

Check out this tasty morsel of vintage cheese–a Metro-North TV commercial from the early ’90s. The train ride home, the commercial says, allows the rider to “turn back into a father, a mother, a Little League coach.” A special bonus … Continue reading

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Record Number of Riders Really Like Metro-North

Metro-North riders gave the railroad a 93% satisfaction rating this year, tying its record score in 2010, and blowing past, like a rookie conductor going rogue through Westport, last year’s 89% satisfaction rate. The saggy 2011 numbers were due in … Continue reading

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President Permut Rides the Harlem Line

Our blogging brethren over at IRidetheHarlemLine scores a pretty good get–a sitdown with Metro-North President Howard Permut. Permut, who’s been with Metro-North since it debuted in 1983, offers an entertaining look at, as he describes it, the railroad going from … Continue reading

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Sitting Across From Some Serious Dip****

Hey Mayor Bloomberg–forget about the big sodas. How about people chewing tobacco in public, enclosed spaces? Such as the doofus sitting cattycorner to me on a late afternoon train out of Gotham the other day? He had a big mound … Continue reading

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Engineer Suspended For Reading While Helming Train

A Metro-North veteran, identified as John Cooper, was suspended when he was caught on video reading the NY Post while helming a Harlem Line train barrelling through the Bronx yesteday. As the New York Post notes, he was reading the NY … Continue reading

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