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A Moveable Feast on the L Train

As long as there is New York City, there will be silly, brilliant, stupid and entertaining stunts such as this: a fine-dining, six-course meal served on the L train over the weekend, each stop on the train ushering in a … Continue reading

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The B-I-T-C-H is Back

Some transit-related eavesdroppings from Overheard in New York. Loud black girl on cell phone: You know where the train station is, where all them homeless people live? Yeah, that’s where I go get my hair done. She doesn’t fuck my … Continue reading

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Standing Up to Subway Thugs

Just a few days after a NY Times essay wonders how people can sit idly on the subway as, shall we put it, vigorous juvenile corporal punishment goes down, blogger Jake Lodwick employs a little 20 Questions to tell the … Continue reading

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This Magic Moment. Then That Magic Moment.

Some days I walk to work convinced I’ll have nothing to write about.   This morning, for instance. Could I really eke out a whole column on the rampant construction along Houston Street? All right, one hardhat on a ladder … Continue reading

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L Train Wins “Subway Shmutz” Study

The Straphanger’s Campaign has released its ninth annual “Subway Shmutz” cleanliness study. The survey revealed that subway cars are slightly cleaner than in 2005, and that the L train, with an 88% cleanliness rate, is the pick of the, well, litter. “Passengers … Continue reading

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Hipsters Jeer, Bomber Fans Cheer

In today’s commuter news, L train riders will wait until 2010 until an expansion of the L fleet is fully operational, and Yankee fans get their very own Metro-North stop near Yankee stadium around June 2009. The new station will … Continue reading

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