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My Daily ‘Trek’ Comes to an End

It was a sad week this week. Not because of the 1 hour, 4 minute ride in this morning, the Harlem Line, and perhaps others, positively crawling from Scarsdale to the South Bronx due to a disabled car ahead of … Continue reading

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Lookit Us!

Signs of the apocalypse: Pigs have flown. (No, wait, that’s just today’s rain pouring down.) Mountains have crumbled. (Hang on, that’s today’s series of earthquakes in Arkansas.) Carlos Beltran has played a game without getting hurt. (Uh, hold on, I … Continue reading

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A Mighty Wind: Where Were You When the Tornado Struck NYC?

Well, that little storm kind of snuck up on us, now didn’t it? I was actually heading to Citi Field for the first time all season, Metsies tix for my birthday, compliments of the generous Missus. G. Francis and I … Continue reading

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Peak Ticket

This is relatively weird. Our Mamaroneck correspondent G. Francis shared this spectacular photo from the train in Switzerland, en route to the World Economic Forum–known simply as “Davos.” (See, Trainjotting correspondents have their little side gigs.) Then, 15 minutes ago as … Continue reading

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Mysterious Ways to Get to Concerts, Or, A Quarter-Century of Schlepping to U2 Shows

As I unlocked my bike from the Hawthorne bike rack at precisely 6:30 last night, I heard the bells from that lonely 1800s church on the other side of the tracks. The bells were chiming that familiar church-y DUHHH duhhh … Continue reading

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The Big Board Rendered Small

We’re not big on repurposing content here at Trainjotting, but we’re bringing this back by popular demand. It’s compliments of G. Francis, who found out that the MTA had buried a real-time Web version of the Big Board–the Departures board … Continue reading

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