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An Open Letter To:

The MTA. So, the 11% fare increase and all for us Metro-Northers. I get it. Times are tough, and you mismanaged your books a bit. What was to be extra tax revenue dispersed and disappeared like sound waves in the … Continue reading

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JerseyJim Feels the Pain of the Fare Hikes

May has reached New Jersey, and with it the fare hikes. NJ Transit has increased my monthly train cost by 25%. That is a double-decker increase that will put my fluffernutter budget on high alert.   I took the NY … Continue reading

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One Way to Goldens Bridge Costs $23 Quadrillion

We’ve all been feeling the sting of the new Metro-North fare hikes, but perhaps none a much as teenager Lydia Alcock, who was recently charged over $23,000,000,000,000,000–yup, more zeros than a Star Trek convention at the Holiday Inn in Lodi–for … Continue reading

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Longing for the Days of $216.58

Ordered my July e-ticket today, and with the new rates its $238.14–up a good chunk from the $216.58 I’d been fairly content paying before. Come to think of it, I’d been pretty content paying that $208.74 I was paying when … Continue reading

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The Candy Man Can

I’ve seen this on the streets of Manhattan, and on the subways time and again. But never before on Metro-North, until yesterday. A man–black, faint facial hair, 30, wearing giant gray t-shirt over giant gray long-sleeve t-shirt, baggy jeans and … Continue reading

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No Fare!

Greeting Metro-North riders yesterday evening, and again this morning, was a flyer announcement the fare hikes, which go into effect Wednesday, June 17. One-way, ten-trip, weekly and monthly tickets go up between 5% and 11.6%. Intermediate full fares–I have no … Continue reading

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Commuter Doomsday Plan Downgraded to Gloomsday

The MTA board has approved a new package that will raise fares for subways and commuter trains, but the increased costs aren’t as bad as were originally envisioned. The new plan sees subway fare jacked up to $2.25, and commuter … Continue reading

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MTA Boss Sander Out

MTA executive director Elliot Sander, the face of the disarray in New York City’s transit system today, announced his resignation yesterday. The move gives Gov. Paterson closer watch of the railroad. Sander gave notice after finishing up the fare deal … Continue reading

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Reluctant Return to Riding

Gingerly, I climbed back on the bike this morning after a six-day break from the day-to-day grind. A fierce wind blew our recycleable garbage around the lawn. The stiff gears of the bike made an awkward clicking noise as I … Continue reading

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Metro-North Fare Hikes Start NOW!

With the Metro-North fare increases starting March 1st, I thought I’d be clever and buy my March monthly now and beat the announced 3.76%-4.25% boost on monthly tickets. Not so fast. Metro-North was just a little smarter than me, and … Continue reading

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