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‘Westported’ to Pleasantville

I’ve followed with interest the commuters out of Westport, and the New Haven Line’s unfortunate habit of skipping their stop after a long day of toil down in the city. Well, I too was “Westported” yesterday, along with about 20 … Continue reading

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Pulp Friction

It’s been a fairly eventful few days in the typically fairly uneventful world of commuting. I was on the 5:46 out of Gotham Tuesday eve, an extraordinarily packed train making the return to commuting after a 12 day break even … Continue reading

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Beating the Buzzer

We 5:27 riders got a little peek under the conductor’s cap yesterday. It was a few seconds shy of 5:27 when the train’s warning buzzer rang. I didn’t sprint–I knew there was no way the thing was shutting its doors … Continue reading

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