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JerseyJim Embraces the Suck

New Jersey’s New Normal Here in the aftermath of Super-Sandy, it has been quite an adventure for New Jersey commuters. Since Monday, I’ve joined the masses of people pouring into Newark Penn Station and the Port Authority, on packed trains … Continue reading

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Hit With Two-Minute Minor, Jersey Jim Blows Whistle on New Schedules

Time Has Been Added to The Game Clock Our season has been under review, and the referees have made the call. Change is in the air, and on the rails of NJ Transit. New schedules went into effect Sunday, and … Continue reading

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Clever Commute, NJT in App Scrap

New Jersey Transit has shut down a┬ápremium web service from Clever Commute that indeed made the commute more clever for NJT riders–tipping them off as to the location of their┬átrack before the rest of the Penn Station cattle are hip … Continue reading

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JerseyJim Satisfied With Satisfaction Survey

Maybe Olympic fever has jumped across the pond and reached the shores of Jersey, as I just got an email today informing me that “The Results Are In” for the New Jersey Transit Customer Satisfaction Survey. Now don’t tell my … Continue reading

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Storm Stories

Some rain yesterday, eh? I was out at the post office, or at least en route to the post office, when the skies opened. I ducked into the Gramercy Park Hotel because the rain was way too intense to handle–even … Continue reading

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The Symphony of a Swampy Wasteland

Things can get a bit dicey when the NY Times opts to wax rhapsodic about the drudgery of the New York commute, but author Dana Jennings gives it a brave try on the front page of yesterday’s Arts section. Jennings … Continue reading

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Homeowners Trade Trees For Tracks

People are increasingly swapping homes in idyllic Nowhereland for ones close to transit hubs, reports the Wall Street Journal. Says WSJ: Tom and Pat Kelly spent 22 years living what many people consider the American dream: They owned a four-bedroom … Continue reading

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JerseyJim Journey Marred By Tourney

Overheard in the Quiet Car… Bustling commute back to Jersey last night. Despite the weather outside deciding to spring ahead a bit early, Penn Station was the epicenter of the perfect storm of hassle and noise for last night’s commute. … Continue reading

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Jersey Jim Spots the Rail Marshal

He was there again last night. He’s always there, in the seat with his head down, eyes glued to his Blackberry or some other handheld device. I never see this fellow board the train at Penn Station for the ride … Continue reading

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‘Manning’ Up in the Canyon of Heroes

Metro-North commuters, and LIRR commuters, and–lest we forget–New Jerset Transit commuters, were all too pleased to share the vinyl seating with Giant fans this morning, as the Big Blue faithful made their way to Gotham for the Canyon of Heroes … Continue reading

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