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Beaver, Poontang & Muff: Humanity and Cops Fail PeterFromPort

I enjoy a post-work commutation lubricant as much as the next passenger, but the drinking on the train may be getting out of hand. Last night I was a party to two situations where the police were summoned, all within … Continue reading

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PeterFromPort Is Most Certainly Not In Peoria

Proof last night that I wasn’t in Peoria: A twentysomething, tattoed man, cradling a lacrosse stick, wearing a pair of Knicks-style silk shorts and nothing else, talking to four police officers in their thumbs-in-the-gunbelt stance outside a woman’s clothing store … Continue reading

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PeterFromPort Braves Noreaster 2007, Long Island-Style

A plague of locusts, an alien landing, even your garden-variety meteor strike–these are all acceptable reasons for one of the nation’s busiest rail systems to suffer bible-scale delays.   But rain, even at the level we experienced Monday? I don’t … Continue reading

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PeterFromPort Encounters Monthly Pass Hell

The computerized ticket kiosks in Penn Station pulled a HAL 9000 yesterday, all but telling would-be ticket buyers, “That’s not going to happen, Dave.” In a fit of will that would have pleased the famously rebellious cyber-brain from “2001: A … Continue reading

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PeterFromPort Says Move to the Right!

I view the need for instructions on shampoo bottles as a serious indictment of our school system. But the real condemnation has to be the big doh! that easily adds four minutes to my commute every morning. Any doubts were … Continue reading

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Phlegm Monster on Long Island Railroad!

My ride this morning convinced me that Long Island has a serious health problem on its hands. Yes, TB is back. I know because a sufferer was on my train, hacking up a lung aboard the 8:18.  I’d stag-leaped into … Continue reading

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