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While I Was Away…

OK, back from vacay. No more sand between the toes, and back on the rails again. What did I miss while I was gone? A woman who rode Metro-North topless appeared in court. The debate over anti-Islam billboards at Metro-North … Continue reading

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Surprise Trip to Scarsdale

“Scarsdude” makes a case for Scarsdale in our biennial Best Commuter Town contest, citing Harlem Line train access, “sorta ample parking, modern amenities (Dunkin Donuts AND Starbucks practically ON the platform?) and recent station renovations.” In fact, we had the chance … Continue reading

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Those Switches are Bitches

We were cruising along 0n the northbound 5:27, en route to our families, dinner, nightly dose of Brian Williams, martini, or whatever it is you do when you return to your domicile. It was a little shy of Scarsdale when … Continue reading

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Postcards From the Edge…of the Platform

IRideTheHarlemLine has some RAD old post cards depicting Harlem Line train stations from days of yore. Check ’em out.   Hawthorne! ? Pleasantville!

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If It’s Hailing, Then I’m Hailing

Twice in the past three days, I thought I could get to my NYC destination from the northern ‘burbs without the aid of a car. Twice, I was foiled. The Missus took Little G and Little Miss C away for … Continue reading

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Those Sculptures at Hartsdale Station

Far as I can tell, there are three interesting things about the Hartsdale train station. One, it’s technically in Scarsdale. Two, its old Tudor-style station house has been converted into a Starbucks, which is much, much nicer than the junk … Continue reading

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Hartsdale Gets a Nod For Best Commuter Town

The polls close tomorrow for Trainjotting’s First Ever Best Damn Commuter Town Period, and Hartsdale–that less white, less moneyed cousin to Scarsdale, home of the first Carvel store and the world’s first canine cemetery–gets a nod from reader Mitch. Why? 1.  … Continue reading

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