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Conductor Wins Fan With ‘Stealth’ Stop on Express Train

Here’s a scenario that belongs in our glossary–getting on an express that you think is the local. (The Great Dexpression? OK, we’ll keep working on it.) It happened yesterday on Metro-North, as it does every day. But this rider, a … Continue reading

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Time For Another Best Commuter Town Poll

I was waiting for the 8:16 this morning when I overheard a woman discussing our own Hawthorne station as she climbed down the stairs. I tend not to pay much heed to the woman, as she’s the one who repeatedly … Continue reading

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Photo of the Day: Larchmont Station At Night

Sweet shot, huh? I wish we had bishop’s crook streetlights at little Hawthorne station. I wish we had paint-by-number sunsets like that. (And, since we’re playing the I wish game, I wish we had a coffee shop by now in … Continue reading

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Station Tour Hits Larchmont

IRidetheHarlemLine Emily’s weekly tour of Metro-North stations ventured to the lower Harlem line this week, and Larchmont station. She’s got some wonderful photos, both archival shots of the station back in the Mad Men/Dashing Dans days (left), and her own … Continue reading

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Straphanger Joe Reads in the Region

Straphanger Joe will be performing two readings in our region in the next few days from his spectacular novel Open Wounds. Straphanger Joe, aka Joseph Lunievicz, wrote dozens of posts about subway life for Trainjotting. He’s having a book launch … Continue reading

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Westchester Town Name Game

Westchester Magazine apparently recognized our dubious knack for coming up with fake names for things, and tapped us to brainstorm some new town names for various Westchester burgs that better suit the town’s character. Put another way, I was to … Continue reading

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And the Winner of the Best Commuter Town Is:

The Best Damn Commuter Town Period title stays in Westchester, as Larchmont was selected by Trainjotting readers as the best mix of relatively easy transit to the city, low-ish a**hole ratio, lively downtown, parks, taxes, and other quality of life … Continue reading

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Harlem Line Riders Have No Reason to Complain

While we complain about Metro-North–oh, do we complain about Metro-North–we Harlem Liners do realize we have it pretty good, with Metro-North’s best on-time percentage of the three lines, and some creature comforts that New Haven Liners can only dream abou–at … Continue reading

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Hiking in the Land of the Hummer

Some smartass has penned an essay on walking to the train in Mount Pleasant. “I Walk Alone” appears on the southern Westchester community site I’ve seen suburbs where walking is part of people’s routines. Our Mamaroneck friends walk to … Continue reading

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What Your Train Time Says About You

According to mildly amusing essay in the Westchester Review, “Earth Shakers” ride the 6:19 and 6:44 out of Larchmont, barristers board the 7:34, and slackers such as yourself ride the 10:22 “Ghost Train.” When careers have fizzled and youthful vigor … Continue reading

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