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The Limping Conductor and the LIRR Disability Scam

I was on the 6:33 heading toward Hummerville last night. Our ticket-taker had the typical Metro-North conductor’s Irish-by-way-of-Brooklyn mug. He also had a pronounced limp–the sort of lurching gait associated with some sort of fairly serious ailment. I don’t know … Continue reading

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‘Middle-Class Moronism’ Still Plagues LIRR

Amidst all the coverage the New York Times has given the Long Island Railroad disability claim scandal, I believe today is the first time the paper has given the story front-page, middle of the page, big ol’ photo treatment. “The Railroad … Continue reading

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LIRR Prez Criticizes New Disability Measures

LIRR president Helena Williams does not agree with measures the Railroad Retirement Board is taking to better oversee–er, oversee at all–disability payments made to railroad workers. The federal RRB said it would immediately implement five changes, reports the NY Times, … Continue reading

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LIRR Creates ‘Internal Compliance Unit’ to Combat Disability Fraud

Calling for an emergency meeting yesterday to address the ridiculous number of LIRR retirees living on fat disability pensions, LIRR president Helena Williams announced the creation of an “internal compliance unit…to work more closely with the federal government; additional ethics training for … Continue reading

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LIRR Outlines Reform For Shoddy Disability Policy

LIRR president Helena Williams will step to the podium in Queens this afternoon to outline “a series of reform measures” meant to combat the ridiculously high rate of retiring railroad folk collecting fat disability payments. Williams will speak at 1 … Continue reading

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LIRR-DISABILITY SCANDAL: FBI Raids Retirement Board’s L.I. Office

On Day Three of the Long Island Railroad/Employee Disability Scam Scandal (LIRREDSS), federal agents raided the Westbury offices of the Railroad Retirement Board, the shady federal organization that signs off on railroad employees’ dodgy disability claims. What a scene it … Continue reading

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LIRR: Disability Rate ‘Alarming and Out of Sync’

The Long Island Railroad was quick to issue its rebuttal to the NY Times’ brutal investigative story on rampant employee misuse of disability pay. LIRR pins the blame on the mysterious Railroad Retirement Board, the federal outfit located in Chicago, … Continue reading

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