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The Race Was On

I really didn’t want to take the 5:27. See, I had to run a Cub Scouts meeting for Little G and his den at 6:45, and taking the 5:27 would mean I had just about 10 minutes to have dinner, … Continue reading

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New Nosh For New Canaan Commuters

We don’t know much about commuting in and out of Connecticut, except that Westport commuters tend to have their station skipped now and then, and our pal ConnecticEnergy sure seems to encounter some boneheaded riders out of Stamford. But we … Continue reading

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The Burbs, The Boroughs and 5-Napkin Burgers

While the large majority of my pedestrian travels around the city are either a hop across the street from work to the deli, or a brisk walk or sprint to/from Grand Central to work, I got to enjoy a rare leisurely stroll … Continue reading

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Kids and Trains, and the Timeless Attraction

Pointing out the fact that kids like trains is like saying kids enjoy ice cream, or the circus. But I’ve been reminded a few times in the past couple weeks that the daily task of climbing aboard Metro-North is, to … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday To Us

Trainjotting turns 5 this week. Yes, in January of 2007, we were a rambling forum for scattered thoughts about commuting on Metro-North. Our kids were 1 and not born yet, and shades of gray were just starting to show at … Continue reading

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The Missus Shall Be Knittin’ Since I Lost My Mitten

I lost a trusted ally, particularly in these frigid months, just before the holidays. Seven or eight years ago, The Missus knitted me a beautiful pair of gray wool mittens. The mittens were more than wooly hand warmers to me–they … Continue reading

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Taking Amtrak to Virginia, and a Subway to Westchester

Upon our return from Big Sis’s place in Virginia Beach in September, after a combined, oh, 19 or so hours on Amtrak, Little G was nearly inconsolable to no longer have his cousins around to play with. So we asked, half … Continue reading

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