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Cheery Conductors, Decompressing Riders…What Year Is This?

Check out this tasty morsel of vintage cheese–a Metro-North TV commercial from the early ’90s. The train ride home, the commercial says, allows the rider to “turn back into a father, a mother, a Little League coach.” A special bonus … Continue reading

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‘Well-Educated’ Westport Witch is ID’d

Call her Hermon Monster–the awful snob who was caught on camera hammering a Metro-North conductor with reports of her stunning education has been identified by the nameless, faceless blogosphere: Hermon Raju. [See the classic video here.] Of course, this is … Continue reading

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Get Your Rusted Railcar Out of My Yard

JerseyJim passes along an interesting Wall Street Journal yarn about idled boxcars sitting dormant on tracks around the country, as cargo demand decreases. “Miles of Idled Boxcars Leave Towns Singing the Freight-Train Blues,” goes the title, and the story tells … Continue reading

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Some people ride trains only because it gets them to and from their place of work. Others ride trains because they really, truly just freakin’ love trains. Like this guy. I must say, Little G would never, ever get off … Continue reading

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Biking Through Middle Earth

Here’s some video of me zipping through traffic on my bike yesterday, cutting things way too close en route to the 8:43 train after wasting precious minutes explaining the season finale of The Wire to The Missus (Duquan! A junkie! … Continue reading

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