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Notes From the Captain Lawrence Tasting Room, Vol. 22

What you missed at Captain Lawrence Brewing last week, but a hint of what you might see/smell/taste this weekend. An En-Lightning Evening, and a Very Good Cause The band was playing “Blister in the Sun”, which had everyone at the … Continue reading

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Surprise Trip to Scarsdale

“Scarsdude” makes a case for Scarsdale in our biennial Best Commuter Town contest, citing Harlem Line train access, “sorta ample parking, modern amenities (Dunkin Donuts AND Starbucks practically ON the platform?) and recent station renovations.” In fact, we had the chance … Continue reading

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The Mean Streets of Scarsdale

It was an exceedingly rare night out in the Big Town for TJ last night–a coworker’s 40th, and the whole crew tipping a few on a sticky summer night. Festivities wound down around 9, so I commenced my schlep to … Continue reading

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The Least Popular Guy on the 5:46

This being the season of all-star teams and the like, I think we found the starting pitcher on the All-Jerk team on the 5:46 out of Grand Central yesterday. He sat on the aisle in a five-seater and had his … Continue reading

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Those Sculptures at Hartsdale Station

Far as I can tell, there are three interesting things about the Hartsdale train station. One, it’s technically in Scarsdale. Two, its old Tudor-style station house has been converted into a Starbucks, which is much, much nicer than the junk … Continue reading

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‘Broken Tracks’ Slow Harlem Line Commute

We knew something was up just after we left White Plains at 8:28 this morning, the train positively crawling along as it quixotically (Editor’s Note: First time “quixotically” has ever appeared on Trainjotting) crawled toward the city. We limped through Hartsdale … Continue reading

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One Way to Keep Your Feet Dry in the Snow

A man in his 50s exited the train in snowy Scarsdale last night, bummed a light off a public works employee, then drove off in the DPW truck, reports the Journal News. “Someone got off the train, jumped in the … Continue reading

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Russian to Catch Metro-North

Some 150 pages in, I really like The Russian Debutante’s Handbook for a number of reasons, such as the immigrant Russian Vladimir’s gimlet-eyed take on America, his descriptions of Challah, his zaftig dominatrix girlfriend, and Gary Shteyngart’s author photo, a … Continue reading

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Word of the Week: Peer Pressure

PEER PRESSURE \PEER pressh-shure\ noun: The physical discomfort, often in the form of headache, eyestrain and nausea, resulting from trying to read a station sign as the train you’re on flies by it. Usage: Every day, I try to figure … Continue reading

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Front-of-Train Types

Played it all wrong on the 8:17 this morning. Despite my better judgement, I went looking for my beloved Conductors-Only…or Not? seat. The first one I came to was locked in the upright position. Heading into the next car, the second one I … Continue reading

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