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No Seat? No Ticket!

Conn-tributor ConnecticEnergy seems to have a knack for attracting strange flare-ups on his ride to/from Stamford each day. He relates a recent New Haven Line story where the morning train out of Stamford arrived, and was ridiculously jammed; making matters … Continue reading

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You Can Count on Bobby McD

Conductor to the Stars Bobby McDonough, Metro-North ticket-taker with an extraordinary eye for incognito Hollywood talent on the rails, is at it again. He spied Laura Linney, star of The Big C and You Can Count On Me and Kinsey, … Continue reading

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And the Winner (Loser?) Is…

We have a winner for our inaugural Crappiest Train Station in the Tri-State reader poll. It pains me to divulge the winner. Really, it does. Am I hot or not? I mean, I’ve been rolling into this station each workday … Continue reading

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Conductor Zings Rider With Game Misconduct

ConnecticEnergy popped in yesterday to offer up another dismal tale from the New Haven Line rails. He was sharing a four-seater with some Wall Street Master of the Universe out of Stamford. The Master of the Universe (MOV) was shouting … Continue reading

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Tales From the Rails

* On the 5:27 heading out of Gotham last night. Cattycorner to me in a six-seater is a traveler–woman of about 50, kinky brown Mrs. Roper-From-Three’s-Company hair, green t-shirt with an elephant and ‘Spirit of India’ on the front, ugly … Continue reading

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From October 26, 2007 [Editor’s Note: I sure could get used to this lazy-ass repurposing.] There (s)he was on the 7:16 to Stamford last night, all 11-inch heels and fishnet dress and tights with the ass cheeks cut out. Yes, … Continue reading

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Great Scott, Look Who Rides Metro-North!

Our Connecticut correspondent ConnecticEnergy boarded the 8:03 out of Stamford this morning, then squeezed into a four-seater across from none other than 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley. Pelley, freshly back from Afghanistan to report on the state of the war, … Continue reading

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