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No Seat? No Ticket!

Conn-tributor ConnecticEnergy seems to have a knack for attracting strange flare-ups on his ride to/from Stamford each day. He relates a recent New Haven Line story where the morning train out of Stamford arrived, and was ridiculously jammed; making matters … Continue reading

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You Can Count on Bobby McD

Conductor to the Stars Bobby McDonough, Metro-North ticket-taker with an extraordinary eye for incognito Hollywood talent on the rails, is at it again. He spied Laura Linney, star of The Big C and You Can Count On Me and Kinsey, … Continue reading

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And the Winner (Loser?) Is…

We have a winner for our inaugural Crappiest Train Station in the Tri-State reader poll. It pains me to divulge the winner. Really, it does. Am I hot or not? I mean, I’ve been rolling into this station each workday … Continue reading

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Conductor Zings Rider With Game Misconduct

ConnecticEnergy popped in yesterday to offer up another dismal tale from the New Haven Line rails. He was sharing a four-seater with some Wall Street Master of the Universe out of Stamford. The Master of the Universe (MOV) was shouting … Continue reading

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Tales From the Rails

* On the 5:27 heading out of Gotham last night. Cattycorner to me in a six-seater is a traveler–woman of about 50, kinky brown Mrs. Roper-From-Three’s-Company hair, green t-shirt with an elephant and ‘Spirit of India’ on the front, ugly … Continue reading

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From October 26, 2007 [Editor’s Note: I sure could get used to this lazy-ass repurposing.] There (s)he was on the 7:16 to Stamford last night, all 11-inch heels and fishnet dress and tights with the ass cheeks cut out. Yes, … Continue reading

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Great Scott, Look Who Rides Metro-North!

Our Connecticut correspondent ConnecticEnergy boarded the 8:03 out of Stamford this morning, then squeezed into a four-seater across from none other than 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley. Pelley, freshly back from Afghanistan to report on the state of the war, … Continue reading

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Hopes For a Seat Scotched

ConnecticEnergy says the Stamford express was in fine fettle this morning:  Oh what a beautiful morning! No less than 5 unrelated passengers (self incl.) gave up their seats this a.m. for a young couple and their brood of 4 scottish … Continue reading

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Can Someone Please Help This Man?

Going to be commuting daily from stamford to nyc – catching something like the 6:40 train. i’m confused about the parking situation/costs in stamford and if anyone thinks it’s worthwhile to go to Greenwich or Old Greenwich for non-parking permit … Continue reading

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One Way to Avoid Fare Hikes

It’s every commuter’s worst nightmare, short of a bomb or some other catastrophic event. Just as the conductor approaches, you realize you’ve forgotten your monthly pass. Happened just this morn on the Stamford train, says our Nutmeg State correspondent Connectic … Continue reading

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