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Overheard on the 8:16 This Morning…

A commuter play in one very short act. Conductor 1: Hey, Conductor 2, did you see an old guy bolting through the train a few minutes ago? Conductor 2: No. Conductor 1: Yeah, he was trying to bamboozle me out … Continue reading

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Cracked Track Makes Morning Whack

Seems as though the Harlem Line as just as screwed up as Trainjotting’s site this morning. (In case you missed it, a domain name snafu meant that everything from February 2010 until present disappeared from Trainjotting. To make matters worse, … Continue reading

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Java Lava

We actually encountered two Words of the Week on our 8:16 out of Hawthorne this morning. RIO GRANDE LATTE /reeoh GRAHNDAY lahtay/ noun: Rivers of coffee and other spilled beverages streaming down the floor on a Metro-North train. (a.k.a. Mississ-sippy … Continue reading

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The 8:16 Impostor

I set out on foot this morning, leaving the Trek in the garage¬†with a forecast of an inch of rain on its way. I was cutting it close for the 8:16, as usual, turning the corner at Chelsea and Elwood … Continue reading

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Your Daily Snow Report

I debated taking the bike to¬†the station this morning. The snow was to start by the end of the workday, reported Dr. Nick Gregory on channel 5 last night, meaning I’d either have a slippery ride, or I’d get in … Continue reading

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The Weakest Link

Left out It was a bit of a scramble getting out the door today, my first trip on the 8:16 of the new year. I read a few books to the kiddies, showered, dressed, grabbed one of The Missus’ baked … Continue reading

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Riding With the Captain

Today’s the work Christmas holiday party. I remember the old days, when the company would rent some grand hall and supply enough food and booze for a Russian army regiment. Then, the more recent days, when companies did without the … Continue reading

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