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Trainjotting Turned Six

This could be the lamest anniversary celebration ever. Late last week Trainjotting quietly turned six. We honestly just figured this out. In years past, we made a big deal out of our milestone, even publishing a note from Metro-North that … Continue reading

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Grand Central’s Little Known Newsreel Theater

Emily over at IRidetheHarlemLine has a great initiative going where she features a memorable Grand Central Terminal photo each day, having started a hundred days out from the iconic station’s centennial. Today, Emily delves into some little know history about … Continue reading

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Why Squirrels Prefer Grand Central to Penn Station

Eagle-eyed Emily over at IRidetheHarlemLine has a fun observational story about the preponderance of acorns in the design motifs around Grand Central Terminal. On a personal note, Little G and I spent a fairly significant amount of time yesterday looking for acorns … Continue reading

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Cheery Conductors, Decompressing Riders…What Year Is This?

Check out this tasty morsel of vintage cheese–a Metro-North TV commercial from the early ’90s. The train ride home, the commercial says, allows the rider to “turn back into a father, a mother, a Little League coach.” A special bonus … Continue reading

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IRidetheHarlemLine Loves the Hudson Line

Emily, our pal over at the Metro-North blog, is ticking off Hudson Line stations one by one as she endeavors to visit/photograph/art up each and every Metro-North station. This week, she focuses on Dobbs Ferry, perhaps best known as … Continue reading

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President Permut Rides the Harlem Line

Our blogging brethren over at IRidetheHarlemLine scores a pretty good get–a sitdown with Metro-North President Howard Permut. Permut, who’s been with Metro-North since it debuted in 1983, offers an entertaining look at, as he describes it, the railroad going from … Continue reading

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Ten Reasons To Buy Our New Book

Sticking to our theme this week of mentioning our new New York Commuter’s Glossary whenever we can, while skipping other Trainjotting staples such as the flood related delay in the Bronx while coming home yesterday, and our lunch at former … Continue reading

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Trainjotting’s ‘New York Commuter’s Glossary’ Book is Out!

Our book The New York Commuter’s Glossary, which takes past Trainjotting Words of the Week terms, such as tramnesia, stenchbench, Mount Yearnin’, doortality and booze it or lose it, and marries them with the brilliant illustrations of Joseph Walden, all … Continue reading

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She Rides the Hudson Line

Our pal Emily over at I Ride the Harlem Line, in her never-ending quest to visit, and photograph, and render in a cool, artsy way, every last train station in the Metro-North universe, is on to the Hudson Line. She … Continue reading

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‘L’ of an Effort in Chi-Town

When others see trains rolling by, our pal Emily at sees art. Or at least potential art. Check out the timelapse video of the L (or is it El?) train she shot over the course of three hours in Chicago. … Continue reading

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