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Kids and Trains, and the Timeless Attraction

Pointing out the fact that kids like trains is like saying kids enjoy ice cream, or the circus. But I’ve been reminded a few times in the past couple weeks that the daily task of climbing aboard Metro-North is, to … Continue reading

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Mamaroneck’s ‘Club Car’ Gets Raves From NY Times

Club Car, as the converted Mamaroneck train station is known, earned rave reviews from the NY Times’ food critic. M. H. Reed loved the setting: The dark polished wainscoting and unobtrusive attention from well-trained gray-vested servers give Club Car the … Continue reading

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‘Pelham Prowler’ Strikes Again

The simple task of walking home from the train station has a little edge to it in Pelham and other New Haven Line stations these days, as a mugger remains on the loose. Reports The Daily Pelham: Following the third … Continue reading

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IRidetheHarlemLine Turns 3 in Style

Our blogger bud Emily over at the visually arresting is celebrating Metro-North’s second longest running regularly updated blog (and its best looking, and best researched, blog) with a third birthday party at the Club Car, as the classy revamped … Continue reading

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Club Car Rolls Into Mamaroneck

The restaurant inside the Mamaroneck train station is open, reports our Loop-y friend Polly Kreisman down in Larchmont. She reports: The Club Car  restaurant and lounge was the vision of Brian MacMenamin, formerly of MacMenamin’s Grill, the Larchmont Oyster House, … Continue reading

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Armed Robber(s) Targeting Commuters

As if a ride on the beleaguered New Haven Line wasn’t aggravating enough, commuters in various southern Westchester communities connected by that train line are being hit by a robber dressed all in black and brandishing a silver gun. Commuters … Continue reading

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Mamaroneck Station Gets Trendy Lounge

As we in the central Westchester hinterlands await the grand opening of our very own Slow Drip Cafe in the old Hawthorne train station, Mamaroneck now features a trendy restaurant/lounge in its old station–‘cuz, ya know, Mamaroneck doesn’t have enough … Continue reading

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Westchester Town Name Game

Westchester Magazine apparently recognized our dubious knack for coming up with fake names for things, and tapped us to brainstorm some new town names for various Westchester burgs that better suit the town’s character. Put another way, I was to … Continue reading

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New Life For Old Train Station Floor

The ripped up wood floors from the renovated Mamaroneck train station were simply scrap to the builders, but someone else saw serious value in them. Polly Kreisman’s Westchester news site tells the story of a local man carting the more-than-a-century-old … Continue reading

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Craig Ferguson Only Has Ears for Mamaroneck

It appears Late Show host Craig Ferguson can only make out a single stop’s name when he rides Metro-North to “Albany.” Here’s the link, cheeky wee monkeys. Thanks to Conductor Bobby for sending it along. Perhaps Bobby and his ilk … Continue reading

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