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True! Parliament Ruling Merits Kool Smoking Ban on Ultra-Light Rail Between Newport and Virginia (Slims)

A smoking ban on Metro-North and LIRR platforms goes into effect Sunday, November 13. What Metro-North is calling an “All-Star lineup of New Yorkers” has been conscripted to get the word about the ban out, so you may hear the … Continue reading

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State May Ban Smoking on Train Platforms

Smokers will be banned from cooking a butt on Metro-North platforms, if a bill in the state Assembly eventually gets passed, reports the Journal News. The bill passed the Assembly’s health committe last year, but died in the Senate. Smoking is … Continue reading

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Straphanger Joe: Looking for the Obvious

There’s a poster in front of me showing two guns, one red the other black with the caption, Which is real and which is a toy? above it. These public service ads have been out since since December but every time I … Continue reading

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Enjoying a Six-Pack on the 6:10

I’m chugging big-time for the 6:10 last night, cutting it closer than I normally do. I see the lights a-flashing as I make my way down the ramp; it’s not a case of Thinkablinkaphobia, it’s the real deal. I get … Continue reading

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Boiling Mad on the New Haven Line Platform

From reader Meq: Can anyone solve the door mystery of the 5:38 New Haven train leaving Grand Central? Normally the train doors are open well in advance of the train leaving. Regulars can find their favorite cars and settle in, … Continue reading

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