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Knuckleballing Author Training For Big Start

It would make for an interesting chart–one showing the print coverage of the Mets games as the season progresses, and hope gradually gives way to despair. When the season starts, 95% of the allotted Mets space in the sports page is … Continue reading

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Flushing the Day Away

Here are three novel ways to avoid the crush of people heading to and from the ballpark on the subways: depart Manhattan at 9:45 a.m., leave the game in the fourth inning, and make sure the game involves the Mets.   Manhattan bound … Continue reading

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A Mighty Wind: Where Were You When the Tornado Struck NYC?

Well, that little storm kind of snuck up on us, now didn’t it? I was actually heading to Citi Field for the first time all season, Metsies tix for my birthday, compliments of the generous Missus. G. Francis and I … Continue reading

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Take the Train to the Game

A pair of train accoutrements I never noticed before… I was on Metro-North heading home the other day, the Harlem Line’s 5:46. One of the poster-sized ad spaces on the train was filled not with a poster–that’s so ’80s–but a … Continue reading

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Citi Won’t Buck Up For Train Stop Naming Rights

Citi Field may have coughed up the megamillions for naming rights at the new Citi Field (best suggested new name: Debits Field), but it won’t dig into its pockets to get naming rights on the train stop next to the … Continue reading

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3-Year-Old Rides 7 Train By Self

Three-year-old Christian Marquez marched out of a Queens McDonald’s yesterday, walked to the subway, and rode by himself for seven stops before the authorities could find him. Marquez was having a little Mickey D’s with Mom around 2 p.m. yesterday … Continue reading

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A Train Through the Core of the Apple

We know of the 4 train and the 2 train. But the 42 train? Indeed, a proposal for a light rail train going the width of Manhattan along 42nd Street is gaining a tiny bit of momentum. An organization called … Continue reading

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