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‘Bronxvillians’ Urged to Walk Today

If traffic at the Bronxville train station seemed a bit light this morning, it may be because some residents in Westchester’s choiciest zip code are walking to the station in honor of Earth Day. A memo circulated to residents spells … Continue reading

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Schumer: MTA Should Hurry On Wifi Plans

New York’s low-key senior senator, Chuck Schumer, is urging the MTA to speed up its plans to make both Metro-North and the L.I.R.R. Wifi-enabled, which would mean wireless Internet for all those suitably equipped for it. Schumer, who would go … Continue reading

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‘The Great Train Revelry’: A Metro-North Pub Crawl

Some boozy commuter has written a feature for the Journal News monthly mag INTown on doing a pub crawl via Metro-North. Called “The Great Train Revelry,” the feature is broken into three parts: The Hudson Line, the Harlem Line and … Continue reading

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Five Things I Like About My Commute

So lengthy was my mini-vacation that I noticed a spider web had sprung from my bike to the lawnmower in our garage. Not having to commute for all of five days, I got a little perspective on the game, and … Continue reading

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