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The Race Was On

I really didn’t want to take the 5:27. See, I had to run a Cub Scouts meeting for Little G and his den at 6:45, and taking the 5:27 would mean I had just about 10 minutes to have dinner, … Continue reading

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‘Open’ Season For Commuters

It is that time of year again. The chill is in the air, the frost is on the lawn, blown up Santas and snowmen dot the lawns and, yes, it is Open Enrollment season at work. My company allows us … Continue reading

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Subway Fare Hikes Start Early

I don’t know that this has ever happened to me in my seven years of using a MetroCard. I made my way to the turnstile under Grand Central this morning, en route to the 6. I saw the massive lines … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To:

The woman who “flashed” her MetroCard at the 28th Street station this morning. We were getting off the downtown-bound 6, and were making our way to the emergency exit door that leads to the way out at 26th Street. You were … Continue reading

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Student Protest Over Transit Cuts a Dud

“Thousands” of students were expected to show up at the Governor’s Executive Chambers in midtown yesterday to tell Governor Paterson not to cut their free or discounted bus and train rides to school, according to a press release issued prior to the event. Well, … Continue reading

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I Love ‘Loosie’: One-Ride MetroCards a Dying Breed

It’s the subway equivalent of buying two bucks’ worth of gas with quarters and dimes you scrounged up in the couch cushions. The New York Times has a fun little piece on those goofy white MetroCards that cost $2 and … Continue reading

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‘Bad Girls’ to Hand Out MetroCards

No one’s too happy about either the shitty economy or the MTA preparing to raise fares and slash service. But a gaggle of do-gooding young ladies are here to help. Yes, the stars of Bad Girls Club on Oxygen–a reality … Continue reading

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I Thought My Commute Sucked Vol. 5

Westchester started allowing Metrocards on its Bee-Line bus system yesterday, and let’s just say the debut was less than auspicious. Vendors sold out of the cards very quickly, leaving riders in a bind, as most of the previous methods of … Continue reading

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