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Couple Weds on Train

A Brazilian couple met on a train, and thus decided it would be a good idea to get married on the train too. Thanks to TJ’s Sister for the link.

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What the Kids Are Googling

A random selection of the Google searches that brought you, dear reader, to Trainjotting this week. I can’t wait to see what sort of ads Google selects based on this post. dogs ride train, russia drag queen 8″ heels how … Continue reading

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Get Your ‘Train Sex’ Here

We have to say, Trainjotting simply owns the search engine optimization on “train sex.” In fact, I’d Google the titillating term right now and tell you what number we come up in the search, except that I’m at work and … Continue reading

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I Thought You Said It Was a Virgin Train?

Apparently so inspired by the fateful El-train love scene in Risky Business, a couple was arrested on the aptly-named Virgin train from Liverpool to London last week for copulating. The train was crowded as the woman allegedly did some sort … Continue reading

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