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Lawn Jockey Laid to Rest

The concrete base where the lawn jockey was perched until recently.   The offensive/not offensive lawn jockey we’ve passed each morning en route to the train has been separated from his concrete base and, presumably, retired for good. When we first reported … Continue reading

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The snow presumably stopped at some point late last night or early this morning, and the whole of the nabe was covered with a calf-deep layer of perfect white stuff. Biking to the station was out of the question, so … Continue reading

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Real Estate Market Stays Frosty

There’s a house I pass each day en route to the train. It’s a cute little thing on a decent piece of property, backing up to the school. The owner is a white-haired empty-nester type who, as you might imagine, … Continue reading

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News Flash! Offensive Lawn Jockey Ornament Gets ‘Sacked’!

Two months ago, we wrote about a hot little bargain in Hummerville we pass each day en route to the train–4 beds, pool, $559K–that just didn’t seem to sell, perhaps owing to the horribly offensive black lawn jockey in the … Continue reading

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I Can’t Figure Out Why My House Won’t Sell!

I pass this house every day on my schlep to and from the train. It’s been on the market forever, and I’m sure the owners are thinking, we priced it fairly ($559K for 4 beds in a cozy 1,500 sq … Continue reading

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