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Kids and Trains, and the Timeless Attraction

Pointing out the fact that kids like trains is like saying kids enjoy ice cream, or the circus. But I’ve been reminded a few times in the past couple weeks that the daily task of climbing aboard Metro-North is, to … Continue reading

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Bandit-Eyed Biter Terrorizes Valhalla Station Lot

Looks sweet. Isn’t. A raccoon bit a woman at the Valhalla train station lot earlier this week. According to Mt. Pleasant Police spokesperson Artie Romaine, she was bitten in the foot while entering her car the afternoon of April 17. … Continue reading

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Valhalla Gets a Gay Bar

If you’re looking for a lively place to check out some colorful costumes a week from today, we would surmise that Valhalla’s B Lounge, located across the street from the Valhalla train station, would be a good bet on Halloween. … Continue reading

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Looks Like a Coffee Shop For Hawthorne Train Station

Just had a nice chat with the Mount Pleasant town supervisor about plans for the long dormant Hawthorne train station. The ever-affable Joan Maybury said an initial list of 12-15 interested potential vendors was whittled down to just a few, … Continue reading

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IRideTheHarlemLine Visits Valhalla

Emily from IRidetheHarlemLine has visited the Valhalla station recently, taken her usual batch of stunning photos, and poked around for some interesting details. She writes of the hamlet’s name and history: The story (whether it can be validated or not, … Continue reading

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‘Novel’ Use For Old Station House

Some of the old Westchester station houses are funky restaurants, like Valhalla Crossing, and some serve up Starbucks in a cool Tudor setting, such as Hartsdale. Others, like our own Hawthorne facility, are storage rooms for junk, with broken and … Continue reading

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Swiss Au Pair Marks Miserable Milestone

As our 3-year-olds frolicked about recently, a local cop friend started bending my ear about the book Circle of Fire, which tells the tragic tale of a Swiss nanny in Mount Pleasant and the gruesome death by fire of the … Continue reading

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The Trainjotting Restaurant Review: CHIBOUST

The few restaurant reviews we’ve featured on Trainjotting in the past have been about restaurants based in old station houses, such as Iron Horse Grill in Pleasantville and Valhalla Crossing in, yes, Valhalla. We make a special exception for Chiboust, … Continue reading

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‘The Great Train Revelry’: A Metro-North Pub Crawl

Some boozy commuter has written a feature for the Journal News monthly mag INTown on doing a pub crawl via Metro-North. Called “The Great Train Revelry,” the feature is broken into three parts: The Hudson Line, the Harlem Line and … Continue reading

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