Cracked Track Makes Morning Whack

Seems as though the Harlem Line as just as screwed up as Trainjotting’s site this morning. (In case you missed it, a domain name snafu meant that everything from February 2010 until present disappeared from Trainjotting. To make matters worse, the top story on the site had a photo of Steve Perry from Journey, and some rider with “Oh Sherry” cranking out of his iPod.)

There was track damage on the line this morning. I heard about it from 1010WINS at 7:15 and forgot about it, assuming stuff work itself out by the time I got on board an hour later.

Alas, no. We crawled across from the tinylittlehistoric house in North White Plains, and came to a stop in between the tiny house and the Hertz.

“Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a broken rail south of North White Plains,” said the conductor at 8:31. “We’re sorry for your inconvenience. There will be a 10-15 minute delay.”

We groaned. The man in front of me stared at his reading material, which was–get this– “Introduction: Business Aspects of Licensing and the Fundamental Principles of Transactional Drafting.”

At 8:44, we were ready to go. We being the riders–the train, not so much.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” said the conductor, “it looks like we’ll have to add another 10 minutes on top of the previous 10 minutes.”


“Sorry,” he said.

People got up to use their cellphones and call in late.

“What’s the rule in college,” quipped one guy. “If the professor’s not there in 10 minutes, you open the doors and go home?”


The guy in front of me still stared at the cover of “Introduction: Business Aspects of Licensing and the Fundamental Principles of Transactional Drafting,” as if frightened of actually cracking it open.

We caught a break at 8:47, and started moving. We were at White Plains at 8:53, and Grand Central exactly 30 minutes later–and 19 minutes late.

Talk about an unpleasant Journey.


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