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My Nine-Minute Trip From Work to GCT

It was, quite simply, the least amount of time I’ve ever given myself to catch a train. And I’ve pushed the limits quite a bit. I had my eye on the 5:46. I’d like to say I had something absolutely … Continue reading

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Enjoying a Six-Pack on the 6:10

I’m chugging big-time for the 6:10 last night, cutting it closer than I normally do. I see the lights a-flashing as I make my way down the ramp; it’s not a case of Thinkablinkaphobia, it’s the real deal. I get … Continue reading

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Running Late on the 6:10

It’s 5:59 and I have to get from 26th and Park to my train in the basement of Grand Central by 6:10. Sure, the next train is only 23 minutes later. But Little G has been hassling me about not … Continue reading

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The Joy of Six

A funny thing happened on the 6:10 last night. I boarded at around 6:09, headed toward the back, where I thought I might find an aisle seat, and started scoping out real estate. A full-on six-seater sat completely unoccupied. Instead … Continue reading

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Found Business Card of the Day–“Petie” Rivera

Found on the 6:10 to Mt. Kisco, stuck to the window, the business card for one Joe “Petie” Rivera, a “Real Estate Salesperson” representing Weichert. “Petie” works out of Larchmont. Looking at his color headshot on the card, he’s a … Continue reading

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Hobbling Through Hartsdale

Despite MTA service advisories saying that everything was fine through Chappaqua amidst yesterday’s tornado-ish weather, there was all sorts of hell to encounter on the 6:10. Of course, the one day a friend (Joey From 5D) joins us on the … Continue reading

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Top Secret Info For All to Hear

You had to love the doofus on the 6:10 yesterday who prefaced two of the loudest cellphone conversations I’ve ever witnessed with “THIS IS CONFIDENTIAL!” He was a bald guy in round-rim specs and a pinstriped suit, and had everyone … Continue reading

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