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An Open Letter to:

Google. Hi Google. Sorry to hear the broadband-in-China thing didn’t fly, and sorry to bother you as you attempt to take over the world in other ways. But I’ve noticed the Google Adsense revenue I get from those ads you … Continue reading

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Little G Learning ‘Train Safety’ As We Speak

I enjoy glancing at the learning agenda put forth by my son’s pre-school up the road in Priusville; it’s fun imagining him in the school learning about the various topics (animals, firehouses, pumpkins), and it’s nice to know what we … Continue reading

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The ‘Bottle-Cap’ A Must-Have For Commuters

With TJ hitting a landmark birthday later in the week…thank you, no, really–thank you…the gifts from far-flung sisters start trickling on around now. The first one over the transom may just end up the best, especially for thirsty and stressed … Continue reading

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The Last of the $2.25 Sam Adams

As of this moment, that beer, wine, cocktail or soft drink you rely on to melt away the day’s frustrations as you board Metro-North is considerably more expensive than it used to be. Metro-North spokesman Dan Brucker says prices are … Continue reading

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Inflation Hits Bar Cars/Carts

Metro-North is poised to hike up the price of a cocktail on both its bar cars and the carts stationed near the platforms in Grand Central. The railroad is “seeking approval from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority board of directors to … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To: The Grand Central Beer Man

Dude, I’m sorry. It was a long day and I was tired. I wanted to sit on the train and sip my Sam Adams quietly. I also wanted to tip you, it being the holidays and all, and you guys … Continue reading

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Strange Brew

I started packing up my spent newspapers as the train pulled into the Grand Central tunnel around 9 this morning. I realized I had an empty Sam Adams bottle in my knapsack that I’d neglected to throw out on the … Continue reading

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The Few, the Proud, the Train Commuters

According to a new report from the U.S. Census Bureau, all of 4.7% of American commuters used public transportation to get to work in 2005. Furthermore, almost half of the nation’s 6.2 million public transportation users live in 10 U.S. … Continue reading

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BFFs on the 7:22!

I’d never seen this before. The 7:22’s about to leave. A guy—Lennon specs, preppy, clean cut–asks another guy—rumpled beige suit, loosened tie, tired, resembling Robin Williams when he has a beard–to let him in for the window seat. Robin Williams … Continue reading

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Babel, Indeed

Friday after work, and I’m enjoying a little life, liberty and pursuit of happiness on the 6:33. Guy next to me is young (28?) and nondescript. The second the train exits the tunnel, the guy whips out his cell phone.   … Continue reading

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