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Underground Grammar Lessons

This week’s edition of the NY Times’ Go Back to Your Flyover State, Because Only Smart People Live in New York Metropolitan Diary unearths some witty graffiti, not to be confused with ’80s new wave band Scritti Politti, in the … Continue reading

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Mole People Flock to ‘Underbelly’ Exhibit

There’s a brilliant new art exhibit going on in New York, and you’ll never get to see it, as it occupies an unused underground subway station. The “Underbelly Project” organizers tipped off a Times reporter and took him/her into the … Continue reading

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Rats in the Subway: Resistance is Futile

Rats will continue to rule the New York underground, reports the NY Times, as budget cuts, straphangers’ crumbs, and their indomitable fortitude keep them a step ahead of traps and poison. Says the Times: Rodents, it turns out, reside inside … Continue reading

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Jumping Onto Subway Tracks is Never a Good Idea

The NY Times’ City Room blog has a fun item about just what it would take to get otherwise normal New Yorkers (uh, oxymoron, perhaps?) to jump down into the subway tracks. Of course, a man died last weekend doing … Continue reading

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You Don’t Want to Hear What Happened 30 Seconds Later

This week’s edition of the NY Times’ “Septuagenarians Say the Darndest Things” “New York Owns the Market On Witty Passers-By” “Metropolitan Diary” shows a teeming mob about to trample a not-exactly innocent 2-year-old. Dear Diary: There was an unusually long … Continue reading

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Pea-Brained Platform Pole-Sitters

What is worse than those clods on the subway platform who don’t make room for those exiting the train? Here’s a fun little stage play from the excellent SubwayStories user-generated blog. I love how the subway doors get a “speaking” … Continue reading

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Underground Sights to See

If your New Year’s resolutions involve stopping and smelling the roses just a bit more than you did last year, here are a couple items of interest for New York commuters on the go. HBO is erecting an interactive billboard … Continue reading

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