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A Bad Day to Lose Your Shoes

Yes, I’m crazy enough to have ridden the bike to the train today, when temps in Hawthorne were just about 1 degree. One. The loneliest number. I figured, the bike is 5 minutes of absolute hell. The walk, on the … Continue reading

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Where Were You When the Great Rainstorm of 2007 Shut Down the Subway?

It was a year ago today that New York’s iconic transit system was crippled by a rainstorm that, at least to me, didn’t seem all that major as I set out for the train. From August 8, 2007: The Great … Continue reading

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Never Too Early to Start Thinking About Ice On Your Catenary Wires

Since most commuters I know are well versed in the ways of catenary wires and pantograph shoes, perhaps one of y’all can help this gentleman that we found in the Trainjotting mailbag. I was wondering what different methods you might … Continue reading

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The Great Rain Robbery

Far as we could tell, it wasn’t quite a Nor’easter. It wasn’t exactly a snowstorm, and you wouldn’t really call it a steam pipe exploding next to Grand Central. So what the hell caused colossal malfunctions on Metro-North and the … Continue reading

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