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Enjoying Beer in the Can

The scene in the Metro-North bathroom Saturday night. I added one vacated vessel to this rogue’s gallery of empties. Hint: It wasn’t the Bud Light, the Bud Light tallboy, the Four Loko or the toilet paper. It was a beer … Continue reading

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Clever Commute, NJT in App Scrap

New Jersey Transit has shut down a premium web service from Clever Commute that indeed made the commute more clever for NJT riders–tipping them off as to the location of their track before the rest of the Penn Station cattle are hip … Continue reading

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This Way to the Bar Car

This is genius. Y’all probably know about the text-alerting service Clever Commute, which taps crowdsourcing to tell you when your train is running late, and can also shoot you your track number via text message when you’re huffing it to … Continue reading

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The Bar Car of the Future

The Connecticut Rail Commuter Council has taken it upon itself to design the bar car of the future, and wants you to offer your input. Here’s the design the advocacy group came up with, and the questionnaire that accompanies it. … Continue reading

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Saugatucker: Getting ‘Stewed’ in the Bar Car

On the 7:05 New Haven train Friday, sitting next to a skinny Stamford student with a gleaming new iPad and white headphones drinking a Bud.  Next to him, sitting alone, is a fat 35-year-old guy in a painted-on red and … Continue reading

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Metro-North ‘Advocate’: Bar Cars Will Roll On, Fun Never Stops

The Connecticut Metro-North Rail Commuter Council took issue with the NY Times story earlier this week that said bar cars on Metro-North were perhaps ringing that Last Call bell. The eight bar cars rolling on the New Haven Line these … Continue reading

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Bar Cars Reportedly Rolling to a Stop Once Again

Metro-North doesn’t seem to envision bar cars in its future, reports the NY Times, which says it looks unlikely those bygone-era relics will fit into the long-awaited rollout of the M8 cars on the New Haven Line last this year. … Continue reading

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We shared an earlier passage of Dennis Lehane’s The Given Day a few months back–which also had Babe Ruth drinking heavily on a train. It’s a big ol’ 700-pager, but it’s interesting. Lehane of course does those Boston-based crime novels that … Continue reading

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Inflation Hits Bar Cars/Carts

Metro-North is poised to hike up the price of a cocktail on both its bar cars and the carts stationed near the platforms in Grand Central. The railroad is “seeking approval from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority board of directors to … Continue reading

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Bar Cars Hit End of Line

Today’s Wall Street Journal laments the demise of the bar car (D4, Personal Journal). Rolling imbibers say it’s a crucial aspect of their social lives. The MTA says they’re scrapping them to make room for extra seating. I say keep … Continue reading

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