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Cracked Track Makes Morning Whack

Seems as though the Harlem Line as just as screwed up as Trainjotting’s site this morning. (In case you missed it, a domain name snafu meant that everything from February 2010 until present disappeared from Trainjotting. To make matters worse, … Continue reading

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The Adventures of Cat Girl

We had the opportunity to pen a little profile of Emily Moser, who publishes the IRidetheHarlemLine blog and is taking it upon herself to photograph all 125 Metro-North stations for her so-called Panorama Project, in yesterday’s New York Times, Metropolitan … Continue reading

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Through the Morning Commute, Darkly

I hopped on at Hawthorne, as I do each day, and the car was surprisingly jammed. I made my way south and saw the open 1-3/4-seater. I don’t absolutely need the private folding seat, like some people I board with; … Continue reading

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The Trainjotting Reader: RUSSELL WILEY IS OUT TO LUNCH

Today’s book excerpt comes from Russell Wiley is Out to Lunch, a workplace satire novel about a guy working at a fictional dying newspaper called the Daily Business Chronicle. It’s written by Richard Hine, a Brit and a veteran of the Wall … Continue reading

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Grand Central Getting an Apple Store?

One of the shiny, trendy Apple stores that give a neighborhood cool-kid cred might be coming to Grand Central, reports the NY Observer. Apple has started the ball rolling on opening such a store, though opening anything in a landmark … Continue reading

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JerseyJim Wallows in the Sounds of Silence

Reporting on DAY FOUR of NJ Transit’s new experiment on peak commuter trains, The QUIET CAR.  Failing to provide any concrete improvements to service for 2011, New Jersey Transit has cleverly decided to enforce more regulations on their customers, and … Continue reading

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The Pipes, the Pipes are Calling…

I was climbing the subterranean Grand Central ramp that stretches from Oyster Bar to up by the 6 train entrance. (Uh, ever wonder why we have to go from underground to ground level just to go back to underground level?). … Continue reading

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Not Many Tales From the Rails

I figure I’m about due for a good freakish train experience. Seriously, it’s been some time since I’ve had a good eyewitness incident to blog about: a rider-conductor tiff, a rider-rider spat, snakes on a train, whatever it might be. … Continue reading

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A Little ‘Sherrie’ After Work

The 5:27 home after a long day of work. I board late, as usual, and search for the best option among a shrinking pool of aisle seats. I conduct a little Spatial Profiling and grab a seat next to a … Continue reading

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The Great Blizzard of Late 2009: ‘I Don’t Think You’re Getting Home Tonight’

I had plans for a few pints in the city with Big Jim, in from Ireland, and the reports of a blizzard weren’t about to keep me home. I got Little G to bed on the early side and set … Continue reading

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