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Must Be Slippery Rail Season in the Far East

We’ve had some fun examining the cultural relativity of the really packed Tokyo subway in the past, and an enterprising photog has made some art out of it. Michael Wolf has published his photos in a book called Tokyo Compression. … Continue reading

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Lonely? Try Losing the Mullet

Check out this classic vid–Sting and his Police mates, riding the subway in some unidentified Far East locale, singing “So Lonely” into a walkie talkie. The mullets, Sting’s Sally Jesse Raphael glasses, Stewart Copeland’s can’t stop drumming act…it is a … Continue reading

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Kermit the Phrog

Phish, the Muppets, Mickey Mouse, and those hysterical Tokyo subway people-pushers, all in one video. There’s a “jam” joke–jam band, jammed subway–here somewhere, but I don’t seem to have the mental capacity this morn to phish it out.

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Bobby V Bikes to Work

An interview with former Mets skipper Bobby Valentine in the NY Times Magazine revealed that Valentine, now managing the Chiba Lotte Marines outside of Tokyo, rides his bike to the ballpark. Stamford’s own Bobby V is the subject of an upcoming ESPN … Continue reading

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