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Tractor Trailer Failure Damage Done

Here’s a shot of the damage wrought by the truck driver, Joe Hebert from Lower Slower Delaware (LSD) above Grand Central. You can see where Herbert took out a large swath of the ornamental concrete wall, which rained down on … Continue reading

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Bricks Tumble Outside Grand Central, Somehow No One Hurt

If you’ve bought our New York Commuter’s Glossary, you know what the term is for the nexus of 42nd and Park Ave. South, where dangerous decisions are often made in the name of catching a soon to depart train. Now … Continue reading

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Where Hawaiian Air Meets Pershing Square

So how lame is the Hawaiian Airlines signage covering the windows of Pershing Square Cafe? The restaurant has these gorgeous floor to ceiling windows (though, mind you, the view of the Altria building across Park Avenue South isn’t all that … Continue reading

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What’s Up With That Guy?

He rides a pedicab in front of Grand Central. He does jumping jacks as he awaits a fare, because, presumably, pedaling fat-arse tourists around New York is not enough exercise. He keeps a pack of Marlboro Lights fastened to his … Continue reading

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Pulp Friction

It’s been a fairly eventful few days in the typically fairly uneventful world of commuting. I was on the 5:46 out of Gotham Tuesday eve, an extraordinarily packed train making the return to commuting after a 12 day break even … Continue reading

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Truck Struck! Hack Whacked!

I was strolling out of the 42nd Street exit at Grand Central, wondering what sort of freebies they might be giving away, because we Metro-North types are considered a Choice Demographic with Considerable Buying Power. (Earlier in the week–yummy chocolate … Continue reading

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Bright Sun, Hot City

You are walking north on Park Avenue South, after a day of work at the magazine, toward Grand Central. It is 93 degrees in the shade, and there is no shade, as it’s Manhattan. All you can think about is … Continue reading

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