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‘High’ Hopes For Rusted Rails

Fun story in today’s NY Times about some early talks centered on turning a decrepit stretch of LIRR train tracks out in Queens into the next High Line public park. A 3 1/2 mile stretch of rusted track is being … Continue reading

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NYT: Drunk Train Isn’t Always Last Train Home

Yet another reason to live in Westchester: No summer Friday trains full of drunken (or “crunken”, as the NY Times notes in its story about the nightmare that is the Friday LIRR to the Hamptons), oafs heading┬áto the┬ábeach towns and … Continue reading

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LIRR To Eliminate ‘Drunk Train’

Blame it on How I Met Your Mother–Long Island’s beloved “drunk train” will soon ride no more. Following a pair of incidents involved wasted riders striking Long Island Railroad conductors in the wee hours, not to mention a recent episode … Continue reading

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Hopping the LIRR To (C)Hicksville

The Long Island Railroad, and its boozy late-night riders, got some harsh treatment on How I Met Your Mother the other night. The cad Barney hatches a plan to pick up women on the “Drunk Train”–the last train out of … Continue reading

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Despite All Their Rage, New Jersey Transit Commuters Remain Rats in a Cage

Saying Grand Central is awesome and Penn Station sucks is like saying you prefer a trip to Great Adventure more than one to Motor Vehicle. And reporters talking about how great the old Penn Station was, and how much the … Continue reading

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‘Manning’ Up in the Canyon of Heroes

Metro-North commuters, and LIRR commuters, and–lest we forget–New Jerset Transit commuters, were all too pleased to share the vinyl seating with Giant fans this morning, as the Big Blue faithful made their way to Gotham for the Canyon of Heroes … Continue reading

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Cops Nab LIRR iPhone Thief

MTA police collared 20-year old Thomas Gray of Queens for his alleged involvement in three incidents on the LIRR–involving a purloined iPhone, iPod and purse from riders on the Port Washington line. The purse went missing last February, while this … Continue reading

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Rapping, Harmonica Playing Conductor Entertains Riders

A conductor who appears to be working on a LIRR train gave a little performance, including harmonica, a “hat trick” involving his blue chapeau, (mercifully short) rapping, and some Borscht Belt humor, to riders recently. The video is posted on … Continue reading

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Railroads Expand Seats to Meet Expanding Rider Girth

Call it the space race: as riders get bigger and fatter, railroads are forced to factor in larger seat space to their designs for new cars. (The airlines conveniently overlook America’s expanding derriere volume.) New Jersey Transit plans to add … Continue reading

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Eleven Charged in ‘Enormous’ LIRR Disability Scheme

Eleven people were charged yesterday in what the NY Times calls an “enormous” fraud scheme in which it became normal for Long Island Railroad workers to claim disability, often regardless of, ya know, actual disabilities, and qualify for lucrative benefits. … Continue reading

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