About Trainjotting

We said we’d never become one of Them: the expressionless drones riding the train to and from the city each day. Well, here we are.

11 Responses to About Trainjotting

  1. ray says:

    I see them each morning with their droopy, dull expressions & dim eyes that convey a lumbering selfishness in spite of the lack of activity behind them. The look of forced consciousness (like someone newly awakened from a deep sleep which they were loathe to leave) is temporarily replaced by something less human, more savage as the train comes into the station and they push and jostle each other on the platform like cattle, like swine to slop. When I see the idiot smile of satiated greed on some pig that managed to beat another pig to the last subway seat, it sickens my being. Even worse are the half-lidded, half-asleep faces of the ignorant, as they doze between stations, giving little starts into wakefulness when they tilt sideways from the staggering and lurching of the train. Like pigs, prodded with brands, on the way to the chop block.

  2. KMB says:

    I like the words of the week

  3. Michael Miller says:

    OH, and don’t forget my favorites!..the selfish PIGS who spread those legs out, WAY OUT, so their knees make contact with yours, when they sit down next to you…that’s always a lot of fun. 😦

  4. TenFour says:

    Great blog.

    I’m surprised that you, of all people, haven’t taken Google Maps to task about the mislocation of the Hawthorne station on their maps.


    Drives me crazy whenever I try to use Maps to estimate a train trip starting from my home.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Steve says:

    here’s a funny video from a MNRR train:

    Train Conductor Confronts Very Educated Woman

    There is always at least one person on your train (bus, plane, hovercraft, velocipede) who insists on imposing their conversation on everyone else.
    In this video, which went viral in a hurry on Thursday, a woman suffering from a virulent strain of self love is confronted by a conductor for being too loud, completely loses it and, for no clear reason, trumpets her educational achievements.
    I bet they taught her some neat multi-syllabic words in graduate school. Maybe she knows the word “schadenfreude.”
    Maybe it’s just time for her to enroll in finishing school or for all of us to adopt the Japanese system of publicly shaming the hell out of anyone who behaves like this.
    Oh wait, that’s what the internet is for:

  6. Just found your site, and love the blog! Oh, the endless woes of the commuter…

  7. Robin Schatell says:

    Hey, love the site!

    I wonder if you can mention the 6th Annual Peekskill Jazz & Blues Festival July 21st. I am the event producer for the Peekskill BID. I can send you a press release


  8. John Walker says:

    Hey I love the site. Is there a way I can email TJ ?

  9. KKM says:

    Hey got a question for you. can you reccemend good towns for commuting to midtown that are on the LIRR Port Washington Line and that have a decent main street and mixed use residential space? Looking to rent or buy a 2br in Long Island but currently don’t own a car (i realize I will probably have to buy one soon), so the LIRR will be our main source of transport for commuting.

  10. Iris Kelley says:

    I’ve been having a tough time trying to get a straight answer on this subject, so maybe you can help me. I’m wanting to move to New York, but I don’t want to live in the city. I was looking maybe moving to one of the outlying cities such as Mount Vernon and New Rochelle. I’ve tried to ask my realtor which areas to avoid, but with no help its against her license regulations to tell me which neighborhoods are bad and crime ridden. I’ve found a few houses in New Rochelle that are in my budget but I’m not sure if the area is safe. I’ve also found some in Mount Vernon in the north-side area, since I did find a tip that south-side was dangerous. I could really use some help in this, I don’t want to buy a home in an area I’m going to regret later.


    Iris K.

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