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(Fake) Words With Friends

Son of Saugatucker, offspring of Trainjotting Connecti-spondent Saugatucker, enjoys our own New York Commuter’s Glossary with his pals.

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We are Big in Poughkeepsie

The Poughkeepsie Journal enjoyed our own New York Commuter’s Glossary, which got a writeup in John Rolfe’s “On the Rails” column over the weekend. He writes: “The New York Commuter’s Glossary” is an amusing read you can complete in the … Continue reading

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Some Local Ink For Our Book

Thank you to some local media outlets for their kind words about our own New York Commuter’s Glossary. The Daily Voice network of town sites (, et.) featured the book as its lead story throughout its Westchester and Fairfield County … Continue reading

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Ten Reasons To Buy Our New Book

Sticking to our theme this week of mentioning our new New York Commuter’s Glossary whenever we can, while skipping other Trainjotting staples such as the flood related delay in the Bronx while coming home yesterday, and our lunch at former … Continue reading

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More Praise For ‘The New York Commuter’s Glossary’

Our book will be out very soon, *hopefully* next week. The New York Commuter’s Glossary is chock full of the commuter terms and definitions…stenchbench, tramnesia, Mount Yearnin’…that were spawned right here on Trainjotting. Actual photo of actual book It is … Continue reading

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