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Westchester Town Name Game

Westchester Magazine apparently recognized our dubious knack for coming up with fake names for things, and tapped us to brainstorm some new town names for various Westchester burgs that better suit the town’s character. Put another way, I was to … Continue reading

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Staving Off Unpleasantville

Our dear neighbor to the north Pleasantville was the subject of the most recent “Living In” profile in the NY Times Real Estate section. The writer, Elsa Brenner, does a nice job of looking beyond the idyllic village name and … Continue reading

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Little G Learning ‘Train Safety’ As We Speak

I enjoy glancing at the learning agenda put forth by my son’s pre-school up the road in Priusville; it’s fun imagining him in the school learning about the various topics (animals, firehouses, pumpkins), and it’s nice to know what we … Continue reading

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New Crosswalk at Hawthorne Station/Farewell to ‘Hummerville’

I’ve parked my bike in a different spot the last few days. In a nod to the daily forecast for thunderstorms, I’ve eschewed¬†the bike rack I fought so hard for to park under the staircase overpass. I’ve also noticed there’s … Continue reading

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A Winning ‘Horse,’ A Bad Case of ‘Cabin’ Fever

The Missus and I and assorted other parties actually got out to a restaurant for dinner twice this weekend, thanks to her folks being in town. Saturday, we opted for one of the few high-end options around us, the consistently … Continue reading

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High Marks For Iron Horse

Ten years since turning the old Pleasantville station house into the Iron Horse Grill, the eatery still excels, says the New York Times. A decade before, writes M. H. Reed in “A Place That Still Has the Whistles and Bells,” … Continue reading

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$3 Guinness at the Train Station!

Living midway between a pair of wonderfully restored train station eating/drinking establishments (Valhalla Crossing and the Iron Horse up in Priusville), we’re partial to creative uses for old train stations, especially when they involve alcohol. So is blogging Yankee apologist … Continue reading

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Feet Off the Seat!

While Metro-North conductors occasionally implore our younger, less-mannered riders to kindly remove their size 11 Reeboks from the seat, the railroad took a curious tack in delivering a message to riders–putting bright yellow cut-outs of bare feet, the big toe … Continue reading

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Enjoying a Little Cheesecake on the 6:59

The 6:59 ambled along toward Hummerville and Priusville as the sun went down. I shifted in my seat, perhaps to take¬†something out of my pocket. Stiffening my back a bit, I happened to peer over the seat in front of … Continue reading

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A Taste of the Reel World

I step onto the 8:16 in Hummerville and take my seat. A young guy takes the seat cattycorner to me. The guy across the aisle from him–right in front of me–starts saying “Michael…Michael!” “Michael” looks up from his Post, spends … Continue reading

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