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Track 61 Revisited

Gothamist ventured into the famed Track 61 train platform under the Waldorf-Astoria over the weekend, snapping some pix at the sight that former Trainjotting contributor Engine Bob (a.k.a. “FDR’s Funeral Train” author Robert Klara) called “the holy grail” of urban … Continue reading

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Conductor Caught Whistling At Attractive Passenger

A reader asks… I was wondering; I can occasionally hear this whistling sound from the engineers cab and he slows down. I was wondering if the whistling indicates distance between trains is getting too close or is it generated for … Continue reading

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Thank You, Matt Lauer, For the Traffic

Matt Lauer put on his best play clothes this morning to examine “The Mystery of Track 61” on the Today show. Lauer went 30 feet below the Waldorf to investigate the secret train track that has intrigued urban explorers for … Continue reading

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Ask Engine Bob: The Secret Platform

Q: Engine Bob, is there any truth to that old story about a secret train platform beneath the Waldorf-Astoria hotel that Andy Warhol gave a party on? Or is this just urban legend? A: Actually, the story’s true-a good portion … Continue reading

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