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Pedestrians Take Back Seat in New Pedestrian Mall

The TJs ventured out to Ridge Hill over the weekend, checking out the funky bronze bug sculpture playground, noshing at the Yard House, and navigating a fairly tricky parking garage and labyrinthine exit. Ridge Hill is a lifestyle center, in … Continue reading

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Agents of the Law/Luckless Pedestrian*

I didn’t just pass a school crossing guard parked right in the middle of the crosswalk next to the school, did I? No, that’s not possible. I mean, the crossing guard is there to help people walk safely to the … Continue reading

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A Few Words With Joan Maybury

Mount Pleasant Town Supervisor Joan Maybury took a short break from managing the town to dish with Trainjotting on her (almost) first two years as supervisor, what’s next on her agenda, and which New York sports icon she sees as … Continue reading

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Town Board Hopeful Abbate Wants More ‘Pleasant’ in Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant town board candidate Jane Abbate gets credit for being first to stick her campaign signs around Hawthorne station—a fitting locale, as the civic group that she’s a founding member of, Mount Pleasant Today, has made that corner of … Continue reading

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How Not to Use a Crosswalk, Part III

I almost forgot about this. Me and The Missus were heading to the city Saturday for my old rugby club’s annual winter blowout dinner. We waited on the platform for the Manhattan train, sipping Bud bottles while we waited. (Hey Station … Continue reading

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The snow presumably stopped at some point late last night or early this morning, and the whole of the nabe was covered with a calf-deep layer of perfect white stuff. Biking to the station was out of the question, so … Continue reading

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Riding With Strangers

I primed myself for yet another “shitty morning”, as my fellow train rider awaiter “Ashley” so eloquently stated yesterday. The rain was falling, meaning the bike stays in the garage. I headed out on foot and encountered a burly neighbor … Continue reading

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How Not to Use the Crosswalk

We’ve toasted the town of Mount Pleasant for installing crosswalks and Slow the F*** Down, There Are Children Walking About signs around the hamlet of Hawthorne; in fact, we pass through either two or three such crosswalks on the way … Continue reading

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New Crosswalk at Hawthorne Station/Farewell to ‘Hummerville’

I’ve parked my bike in a different spot the last few days. In a nod to the daily forecast for thunderstorms, I’ve eschewed the bike rack I fought so hard for to park under the staircase overpass. I’ve also noticed there’s … Continue reading

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